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Big Day for the Dream Team at Peach Kids Alpharetta

Peach Kids Alpharetta is one of our favorite team races produced by Jim and Belinda Rainey of Georgia Multisports in Atlanta. We make a weekend out of it by staying in a local hotel, having a big team dinner the night before and having lots of parent support on the course. This year was no different with more than 20 Dream Team athletes in tow.

The weather was iffy all weekend so we weren’t sure whether or not we would wake to a triathlon or a duathlon but the rain stayed away long enough to finish all three divisions.

The senior division went off first, followed by the intermediates and then the junior division. This race features an outdoor pool swim at Winward Lake Club with good opportunities to watch athletes swim and exit the pool area. The Peach Kids Alpharetta course has a three tiered hill that we refer to as “heartbreak hill” and it didn’t disappoint. Due to the slick roads there were a number of accidents and near misses on the bike course so we opted to play it safe and be cautious on the descents. The run course had changed slightly from last year due to the addition of a new ball court so it was difficult to view our athletes coming in and out.

Our kids took home eight age group awards and PRs across the board.



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